Pennsylvania special election a referendum on Trump’s style, policies: Varney

Politics rules today. Your money will be affected and so will the Trump presidency.

In the 18th Congressional district, Western Pennsylvania, it’s a referendum on the president's style and the president's policies. It’s a special election. Voting has begun. Polls close at 8 p.m.

So by tonight we'll know if President Trump's full throated support for Republican Rick Saccone is enough to overcome the reported surge of Democrat Conor Lamb. A GOP win would be a vote of confidence heading toward the midterms. A Democrat win, would be a big setback for Trump growth plan, and a hit to Trump's presidential style.

Moments from now, Air Force One takes off for California: the president is going to the belly of the beast, the center of the "resistance movement."

He will inspect prototypes of the wall. He's walking right into the firestorm known as illegal immigration. There will be intense, possibly violent, demonstrations. And that itself, may affect the immigration debate.

And then there's Hillary Clinton at it again insulting Middle America. She made a speech, reminiscent of her "deplorables" comments before the election. And she made that speech in India. Yes, on foreign soil, she calls Americans racist and sexist. We have yet to see any leading Democrat condemn her remarks.