Pelosi backers must learn to take a joke: Kennedy

Say what you want about Nancy Pelosi, but for better or worse, and overcoming her party and unholy chronos, she will once again become Speaker of the House tomorrow. Those who know her best describe her talents to a tee:

Fun fact: Nancy went to middle school with the guy who *invented* the rodeo! Nancy doesn't exactly have that "new car smell", unless all new cars reek of despotic rot, and as the most powerful woman in Washington she is ripe for a good roasting. Take it away Nancy!

Not everyone was enamored with my take on the high priestess, one Twitter user wrote:

"I'm Republican, but find your impression of Nancy Pelosi to be horribly disrespectful, and by the way she does not have a southern accent or a lisp!"


Disgusted news outlets like Newsweek sniffed their disapproval and that somehow the impression is sexist. Implying women are too weak to take a joke is *implicitlty* sexist, and ridiculous. Washington is nothing if not an orchard of absurdities, and poking fun at power brokers is neither sex blind nor for the faint of heart.

I have nothing wrong with comics and writers poking fun at the President, as long as it's funny. When it's the same retread jokes with predictable punchlines, that's when it's offensive. Pulling punches because someone happens to be a woman is disgusting,

And i'm pretty sure Nancy's hide is thick enough to take some incoming arrows from the few who are brave and giggly enough to paint with her true colors. Lock it up and get over the vapors, hypocrites, and learn to take a joke.