Ohio Sheriff Calls on Trump to Shut Down Businesses That Hire Illegals

An Ohio sheriff has written to President Trump, asking him to "shut down" businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

“I urge you to take a stand and do the right thing by having Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent to Ohio, specifically Butler County," wrote Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. "We need to get these businesses shut down that hire illegals to fill vacant positions."

Jones says business pad their profits by hiring these illegal workers. “These businesses do know what they are doing… It’s cheap labor… and they work the hell out of them… and they take jobs away from Americans,” he told FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Jones says Butler County, which sites between two sanctuary cities, is a hotbed for businesses looking to recruit illegal workers. “They recruit them from other countries. They have people that go out and hunt them down,” he said. “People say that Americans won’t do these jobs. That’s not true. There used to be American drywallers... American roofers -- They’ve run them all out of business and it’s continuing.”