Obstructions has become 'fetishized' among Democrats: Kennedy

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Democrats have 'fetishized' the issue of obstruction: Kennedy

FOX Business’ Kennedy on why obstruction of justice has become Democrats’ main focus.

Did the president obstruct justice?

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It depends who you ask, but the idea of obstruction has become a fetishized issue among Democrats who are in a tizzy trying to connect disparate dots. Here is Dear Abby impersonator Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to explain the president obstruct justice?

So, if attitude determines your latitude, DiFi must be high. What you have are a series of actions that are questionable, tacky and annoying. If that were the threshold for obstruction Dianne's wardrobe would've been imprisoned decades ago.

Instead, you have lukewarm, C.Y.A. plea deals and charges from a shady past in Manafort's case, but when you tie them together with the ribbon of white house gossip apparently this is the gift Dems have been shopping for.

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But is it the election-reversing magic bullet of the left's dreams, or more premature speculation?

John Dowd, one of the president's lawyers, says the president can’t obstruct justice at all. That sounds far-fetched and dictatorial, but legally it seems we are in unchartered territory. The issue is not settled, though both sides will claim it's ironclad and codified and will use loose logic to sink the other's battleship.

If you're talking about threshold and precedent, and if the entire White House staff acted with "extreme carelessness" then thanks to James Comey no one will ever be charged, even for a made up crime like collusion.

Obviously, a president who is unfit and lawless shouldn't be in power, but one who is polarizing and impulsively fighting a hyper-politicized firing squad on social media shouldn't be removed just because he gives you the vapors.

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