Obama tries to sell thinly veiled version of communism to Prince Harry: Kennedy

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Former President Barack Obama sat down with the world's favorite ginger and waxed on and on and on to Prince Harry in a BBC interview about the internet and sold his version of thinly veiled communism.

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This is true, and people on both sides suffer from it. The further you bend toward one end of the spectrum, the more likely you are to engage in paralyzing confirmation bias, rarely exposing yourself to differing viewpoints. Remember how much the president hated Fox News?

Well he didn't stop at an observation, statists never do. He persisted: "leadership", meaning government.

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So the problem is there are too many choices, and too many realities. Government has not done enough to confine and constrain the internet, so people you disagree with are obviously dealing with a flawed set of facts. Fox News is bad, so its counterpart must be good, therefore we should narrow our choices to only MSNBC and Salon. Yes, "leadership" should make sure we're all lapping up the same subjectivist drivel from a government-approved trough. Got it.

That is so wrong. A proliferation of choices is not only a healthy sign of cultural success, it's also how a post-modern world operates. When you imply choice should be limited, you're also implying free speech should be curtailed because differing viewpoints don't rest within your set of accepted facts. Obama also went on to criticize digital activism.

It's been lonely just mocking Hillary, it's good to have señor si se puede back to kick around a little bit. Thanks Obama!

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