Obama ‘Fast and Furious’ documents to be released: Brian Terry's family reacts

After six years of litigation, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has agreed to release documents related to the botched Obama-era Fast and Furious “gun walking” scandal.

Kent Terry, the brother of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, is calling on the DOJ to reopen its investigation and says he is encouraged by President Donald Trump’s Justice Department.

“I want accountability for those that orchestrated it. That, make sure that these cartel members that are highly known criminals [do not] get weapons in their hands and I think that Sessions should go after these guys so it doesn’t happen again,” Terry said on FOX Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Operation Fast and Furious was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) operation in which weapons from the U.S. were allowed to pass along to suspected criminals in order to track them as they were transported into Mexico and possibly to drug cartel members.

It was discovered that nearly 2,000 firearms were illegally purchased for $1.5 million, according to a DOJ Inspector General report. Two weapons linked to Fast and Furious turned up near the scene where Brian was gunned down in the Arizona dessert.

Kent, who spoke with former Attorney General Eric Holder, slammed him for misleading and lying to his family.

“I just knew everything coming out of his mouth was a complete lie to me, just not just to me, right to my mom’s face. He just looked right at my mom and tried to say how sorry he was,” he said.

Kent is confident that the Trump Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions will move forward in its investigation.

“I met with Mr. Trump. He is a very sincere man. He was very apologetic for what happened to my brother. He was even apologizing for the previous administration which he didn’t have to do,” he said.