NRA boycotters are winning; that’s not good: Varney

The left has organized a boycott of the NRA. Businesses are being pressured to cut any ties. Business is being politicized.

Not good. Regardless of where you stand on guns, you should be able to patronize a business because you like its product or service. It’s your money. It’s your choice. But the left is going after any and all businesses that have anything to do with the NRA. It’s a shame and shut-down operation. It is intimidation pure and simple.

Advocates of the #boycottnra movement have had some success.

Delta was offering discounts to NRA members attending their annual convention. Delta has discount deals with hundreds of groups. But the NRA discount has now been withdrawn. Same story at United Airlines, at Best Western, MetLife and many others. Businesses not allowed to do business with a group that supports the Constitution's Second Amendment.

And they are not done. The boycotters are now pressuring Apple, Google and Amazon, which stream NRA videos. Those videos are highly effective and they are free speech. The open expression of opinion. The essence of our democracy. The left says: shut 'em up.

There has been some response to this boycott challenge: FedEx will keep its relationship with the NRA. And in Georgia, Delta's home, lawmakers threaten the withdrawal of a $50 million sales tax exemption if the airline doesn't reverse course.

But so far, that’s it. The boycott people are winning and again, regardless of your position on guns, that’s not good. We have the freedom to associate with any legal company or group we choose. We have the freedom to choose which products and services we buy.

The #boycottnra does not want us to have those freedoms. They don't like guns, so they limit the freedoms of everyone, to get their way.

Our universities have caved. I think it’s time American business took a stand, get up and say: we serve everyone. And Apple, Google and Amazon should stand up and say: we serve everyone, with free speech.

Because that’s what's at stake. That is what's under attack: free speech, in our constitutional republic.