North Korea will seize on any sign of division in America: Stuart Varney

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Don't call Trump a joke and suggest enemy support: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney shares his thoughts on the North Korea nuke threat.

A lunatic with a nuclear weapon has directly threatened America. It is not a stretch to say that our military is on a war footing. It is positioned for a fight.

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At a time like this, we need rational discussion. But that’s not what we're getting.

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Look at this headline from the LA Times:  "Trump the notorious cut-up: the president may be a joke, but he doesn't make jokes"....I don't think we should be calling our president that kind of name when our commander-in-chief is facing down North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

And then there's Keith Ellison, second in command at the Democratic National Committee....a very prominent Democrat....he told the world that North Korea’s leader is "acting more responsibly" than President Trump. He's rational. Our president is not.

What do these critics think they're doing? Cheerfully undermining the president, even as he deals with the threat of a nuclear attack. That’s playing into the enemy's hands.

President Trump's policy is to show the enemy we can deal with them, and convince them we'll pull the trigger if we have to....that’s why we're flying B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula. That’s why the commander-in-chief is standing backing off.

Calling the president a joke. Calling him irrational. Building up Kim Jong Un as some kind of superior guy is a deliberate and dangerous tactic. The North Koreans will seize on any sign of division in America.

We should not be doing this. A lunatic with a nuke is a serious threat. Our president should be able to confront him with the backing of the country..... Even if you don't like him. Even if you oppose all things Trump, do not call him a joke and do not suggest any support for our enemy.

We're all in this together....

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