NC lawmaker rips alma mater for promoting 'abolish police' course

Davidson College offers '#AbolishThePolice' course

Rep. Gregory Murphy, R-N.C., ripped his alma mater for promoting a new course about abolishing the police. Murphy said Davidson College is no longer teaching students how to think, but rather telling them what to think.

REP. GREGORY MURPHY: When I was on the board of trustees, I had confidential discussions with professors, with students who felt they could not speak their mind because of fear of ramifications –  not getting on good committees, not getting good grades.

This is not what needs to happen on our colleges. We don't need to have a "one size fits all." You don't need a president of a college that spends more time tweeting than worrying about how there is balance in the classroom.

This is a problem, and it's caused the split of what was one of the most unified alumni bases in the country, a massive schism between the alumni right now.