NBA player Enes Kanter explains why he can't leave US

Boston Celtics forward Enes Kanter is a Turkish national who has been publicly critical of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Because of that, he is not allowed to visit Turkey and fears he may be arrested if he leaves the U.S.

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“Erdogan regime is using its power to abuse human rights and there is no democracy and there is no freedom of speech in Turkey,” Kanter told the FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.

Kanter says he has not been back to Turkey since 2015.

“People are asking me, 'where are you from?' I don't know what to say to them,” Kanter explained.

According to Kanter, he can potentially be arrested if he leaves the U.S.

“He (Erdogan) put my name on Interpol, so that’s why if I leave America, outside of America, I can be arrested,” Kanter said.

When asked if there were anything President Trump or the U.S. government could do on his behalf, Kanter responded, “If America put sanctions in Turkey, I think this is going to solve the problem.”