Law Professor Suggests Placing Ankle Trackers on Refugees

Lawyers from the Department of Justice and at the state level were set to square off in a federal appeals court on Tuesday over President Trump’s travel ban. One law professor is proposing that refugees with suspected ties to terror wear GPS trackers until the court battle is resolved.

“If the Trump administration is not permitted by the courts temporarily or permanently to ban people they think shouldn’t come into the country, they can at the very least require them to wear ankle tracking bracelets,” George Washington Law Professor John Banzhaf said during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

While it is unclear when or how the legal battle over President Trump’s travel ban will be resolved, in Banzhaf’s opinion, monitors will provide a greater and cheaper level of security.

“This case is now tied up with a temporary restraining order that may continue for weeks or months, during which period these people will be coming in. It is certainly possible that the Supreme Court will eventually say to Trump, ‘no you can’t ban people from selected countries,’”  he said.  “In both situations, they are going to come in, [but] rather than just letting them come in…do what the immigration service is already doing, do what most states do, do what Germany does: have them wear ankle monitors, we can track them 24 hours a day.”

Banzhaf added that security experts would determine who would wear the ankle bracelets.