Laura Ingraham: There is a Divided America

Talks of media bias against Donald Trump have resurfaced after allegations of sexual assault made by two women were published in a New York Times story on Wednesday.

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Trump denied the accusations, calling the story a “total fabrication” in a tweet sent out Thursday morning.

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham joined the FOX Business Network to discuss the claims of bias against Trump in the media.

“We’ve officially entered the realm of the absurd,” she said. “The same New York Times that lionized Ted Kennedy, that endorsed Bill Clinton twice, is now going to try to shape public opinion on the issue of these types of interactions between Trump and various women over three decades I guess.”

But, Ingraham said the media should focus on the bigger issue—that there is a “divided America.”

“There’s a divide about what the Constitution provides, what the role of government is, how to turn this economy around, what it means to have an entire group of Americans distrust the police. And whether people get rid of Donald Trump, whether they defeat him or not, all those problems are going to be there on November 9. They’re still going to be there. And as far as I can tell, The New York Times and the Washington Post and most of the major networks are not interested in actually having a real debate on these issues—the actual issues that affect our children, that’ll affect our grandchildren, that’ll affect our security, our safety, our economy.”

She added: “Those issues are generally swept to the side as the press runs to whatever victim will share a story from years back. And I think the country is being poorly served by a media that is distrusted and the country has to decide—are they going to allow the elite, liberal media to decide this election, or are they going to decide the election on the issues and the records of both individuals—both in business and in politics. And I certainly hope it’s the latter.”

Ingraham also commented on which candidate has the best grasp on what she thinks is the biggest topic of concern today.

“It’s kind of obvious who has a better approach to growth and prosperity, which is the number-one problem facing our country today, and it’s Trump. There's no doubt about that."