Facebook board upholding Trump ban 'not surprising': Lara Trump

Social media censorship 'frightening' for future of America, says former President Trump's daughter-in-law

Fox News contributor Lara Trump said it's "not surprising" that Facebook's Oversight Board is sticking with their decision to ban former President Donald Trump and argued that social media censorship is "frightening" for the future of America on FOX Business' "Varney & Co.


LARA TRUMP: Sadly, it's not really surprising I didn't expect Facebook to do much more than this, but I think it just goes to show you that what we have all been seeing over the past five, six years with these social media companies, but certainly in the past year, is very frightening for the future of America. You look back, Stuart, to during the campaign the fact that you had all these social media outlets blocking and suppressing stories about the Hunter Biden laptop. I mean, this was a very big deal. They didn't allow it to run because it went against the Democrat narrative. It went against their chosen candidate. And when you have companies that have… this massive power that really have the power to influence people, a lot of people get their information directly from these social media outlets. It's a really scary thing that now it's six more months. But I mean, I'm sadly, I'm not surprised to see this happen. 

Well, I don't think you'll be disappointed in the amount of posts that he'll be putting up. I think you'll hear from him very frequently, but he's been doing this. You know, the president has been putting out these press statements, these press releases over the past several months since he was banned from Twitter and Facebook. And I think he's finding it to be something that he's really enjoying. So this is not… to go back to your question. This is not the social media platform that you've heard him talk about possibly launching in the future. This is really just a space where he can kind of put up these things that he otherwise would have put out as press releases so that they're really easy for people to find and they can go out and they can post them. Now what I'll be curious to see is, will Twitter and Facebook allow the posts from the president, former President Trump, to actually go up on their platforms? Because you might recall, I did an interview with my father in law and I posted it to my Facebook page and Facebook removed it. So are they going to allow these posts to stand? That'll be interesting to see.


It's all of this… wokeness that has consumed so many in America. I mean, we saw the MLB All-Star Game move from Atlanta to Colorado based on woke politics. And these people oftentimes do not fully appreciate the gravity of a situation or even what they're talking about. They just know that they've got to cave and bow down to all of this, again, woke politics. And it's really sad. I think it's very damaging for the future of our country. I think it's a terrible example to set for our children. But I think you're right. I think at the end of the day, it comes down to money. It comes down to advertisers. Nobody wants to be called out for standing up against this stuff, although I think if more people did, I think they would be rewarded heavily. 

I haven't talked to him yet today, but he is probably as unsurprised as I am to see this happen. And by the way, I don't think he's upset about it at all. I think that the reality is he's going to have a platform that he'll roll out in due time. That is going to rival Facebook. That's going to rival Twitter. Already overnight on the desk of Donald J. Trump website, we had over a million people sign up, Stuart. So I think people want to hear from former President Trump. They want to hear what he has to say about a range of issues. They are thirsty to hear from him. Quite frankly, Twitter and Facebook have been pretty boring without him on their.