Kudlow slams Biden, MLB, and Delta Airlines for criticism of Georgia election law

Kudlow to Delta CEO Ed Bastian: 'Who asked him about this?'

'Kudlow' host Larry Kudlow slammed Joe Biden, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, and Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastion Tuesday for their criticism of Georgia's new election law, noting the hypocrisy of Delta requiring photo ID's to board a plane, but protesting their use in absentee voting.

LARRY KUDLOW: Why are all these corporate CEOs feel compelled to have their own election law policy statements? They think they’re running the National Economic Council or something like that. For example, Delta’s Ed Bastian seems to object to Georgia’s new law that requires, in part, a photo ID for voting absentee. And yet, to fly on one of his Delta airplanes, you need to show a photo ID to board.

By the way, Delta’s always bragging about its great business with China. So I’m going to assume by inference, Mr. Bastian approves of Chinese human rights violations – slaughtering Uyghurs – and China’s overthrow of Hong Kong democracy. Or maybe China’s anti-democratic authoritarianism makes Georgia’s election laws look pretty good? Or, is he just being a big phony? Or really, who asked him about this?