Killing the individual mandate collapses ObamaCare: Kennedy

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Why removing the individual mandate collapses ObamaCare

FBN’s Kennedy on the Senate tax plan and the possible elimination of the ObamaCare individual mandate.

After multiple political embarrassments, short votes and wasted opportunities, Senate Republicans may actually achieve the impossible: killing ObamaCare by turfing the individual mandate.

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The Senate tax plan proposes spiking the mandate that the Supreme Court ruled a constitutional tax (thanks John Roberts).

And although professional pearl clutchers and pathological hand wringers worry mixing taxes and health care may be a toxic combo, they have to remember: the individual mandate is a tax.

This is supposed to be about tax reform, which leads the frustrated chorus to shout in unison, "Why didn't you boobs think of this earlier?"

Killing the individual mandate collapses ObamaCare, because now there is no mechanism forcing healthy people to buy expensive insurance they don't need. And you silly nitwits didn't think of this four months ago, or seven years ago?!

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All it took was removing this jenga block for the whole thing to fall apart, but it didn't occur to you mouth-breathing simpletons to take this one, simple action. My God you suck at your jobs.

The worry is there will be more uninsured people, up to four million in the first year alone. That's too many people to fit in my crawl space, but in reality it's just over 1% of the population, and most of those uninsured are foregoing coverage by choice. That's the dirty little freedom secret no one wants to whisper because it goes against the emotionalist narrative that health insurance is being cruelly ripped away from your poor, sickly, cave-dwelling, morphine-addled grandma.

There are problems with this tax plan that need to be reconciled. This is not one of them, so make like Larry the Cable Guy and “git-r-done.” I'm sure there's plenty of opportunity for all of this to fall apart. Don't worry, I'm sure wanna-be senator Roy Moore will ride in on his white horse to save the day.

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