Kennedy: Kanye gave us some things to think about

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Kennedy on Trump's meeting with Kanye West

FBN’s Kennedy on President Trump’s meeting with rapper Kanye West.

Call it the yeezy effect! Kanye took his dragon energy to the White House and breathed fire all over the press, the President and the resolute desk in a beautifully baffling display.

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The most satisfying part was not the sureality of compounding titans, it was the exploding liberal heads who could make neither heads or tails of what they'd witnessed

Maybe you can't analyze it, but you have to appreciate someone outside of the poisoned political sphere who's taking things apart, not to break them like so many ambitious Washington blowhards, but to fix them and put places like Chicago back together. Our criminal justice system is broken, Chicago is a nightmare for many who live there, and the way it's always been done isn't working any more.

Even if you hate both of these bombastic joyboys, you are not allowed to reflexively dismiss Kanye because he's not chugging your stale koolaid. Well, at least we're not talking about Nikki Haley and Brett Kavanaugh!