Kennedy: But where does Kavanaugh land on the issues?

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Senate should’ve focused more on Kavanaugh’s record, not his drinking: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s record.

So can-do Kavanaugh fought his way onto the supreme court, and as the 9th Associate Justice is seated it's time to read the tea leaves to figure out where he'll land in the judicial spectrum.

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Before there were retro calendars and beach week blackouts, there were questions from libertarian stalwarts in congress about Kavanaugh's stance on the 4th amendment. senate judiciarians could've saved themselves a lot of time and heartache, not to mention hours of embarassment and showboating, if they'd pressed harder into Justice Kavanaugh about his record and not his adolescent liver damage.

Senator Rand Paul was the first to take public issue with BK's 4th amendment fuzziness in regards to government bulk collection of metadata when Kavanaugh's former D.C. Circuit Court upheld the constitutionality of federal spying as Brett opined:

"In my view the government's metadata collection program is entirely consistenty with the fourth amendment."

First of all: no it's not! They were stealing vast amounts of digital information from innocent people, without warrants, and then they lied when they spied!! That is wholly *inconsistent* with the language and intent of the fourth amendment which was designed to protect us from that very brand of intrusion.

Kavanaugh again came up on the wrong side of the constitutional coin in the United States v Jones case in a dissent to hear a case about the government putting a tracking device on an individual's car because, to him, that sort of action is also entirely constitutional. Listen, if it's not ok for a marvel villain it's certainly not ok for the feds to go fussing with your whereabouts.

Kavanaugh is good on the 2nd amendment but it remains to be seen how he is on free speech and if he gets a mulligan on the 4th. and don't get me started on the 3rd. If he starts quartering soldiers at my house I'm calling Michael Avenatti!

There are a lot of variables here, as there are with any lifetime appointee to the high court. will this horrific confirmation process change him utterly to the point his professional judgment shifts in vengeance? Only time will tell, but thanks to Susan Collins he gets to wind the clock once again.