Kellyanne Conway: Democrats and Republicans Should Go Bold on Tax Reform

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, discussed Wednesday the importance of the administration’s tax reform bill and why both political parties should support it.

“This is important because you want to go bold and you want to go very courageous … The tax burdens, we spend billions of hours and billions of dollars a year just trying to comply with this tax code,” she said during an interview on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” “The old saying, ‘go bold or go home’ has some resonance but, I’m telling the Republicans today and the Democrats frankly, if you go bold on tax reform, you are able to go home because you have a great story to tell.”

Conway, the former campaign manager to President Trump, also expressed great interest in seeing Democratic support for the bill.

“We used to have Boll weevil Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, fiscally conservative Democrats. Where are they? This party has been pulled pretty, very far to the left, but we would love to have Democratic support on fundamental, historic tax reform,” she said.