John Browne: Theresa May Will Be 'Dreadful for Britain'

When Prime Minister David Cameron resigns on Wednesday, Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May will take the reins as the second female in history to lead America’s biggest ally. Former U.K. Parliament Member John Browne discussed what this means for Britain during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

“I think she is a very fine person – well educated, experienced  and a good person – but she’s from the ‘remain’ camp and therefore I don’t think at all passionate about Brexit and what you’re seeing is a lot of smoke and mirrors,” he told Sandra Smith.

Browne said, under May, the media will highlight great British achievements and high profile concessions by the European Union but argued the “reality will be quite the reverse.”

“There will be big concessions by Britain and false promises by the European Union and Great Britain will be re-captured under the guise of a sort-of Brexit which will be all diluted into the growing very un-Democratic and growing tyranny of the European Union,” he said.

He also compared May to Europe’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“Margaret Thatcher was different than Theresa May. Margaret Thatcher was passionate to get rid of the shackles of socialism and she fought like a terrier. Theresa May strikes me more of a spaniel and more cozy, loving, tender and all that sort of thing. But the result will be, I think, dreadful for Britain, but painted as very good by the media and the British establishment,” he said.