Jindal on Cavuto: Clinton Win A 3rd Obama Term

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a likely Republican presidential candidate, said Tuesday that a win by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election would amount to a “third-term” for President Obama’s economic policies.

“Put it to the American people. If they really think the Obama policies worked for us give Hillary Clinton a third term for his policies,” Jindal said in an exclusive interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “But the American people know better than that: $18 trillion of debt; more people on food stamps; record low participation in the workforce.”

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Jindal, who would join nearly a dozen other GOP candidates if he tosses his hat in the ring, said the differences between his positions on national issues and those of the Democratic Party – specifically, those of Hillary Clinton – are very different.

He said he believes a national debate on these issues during the months leading to the election would convince Americans to side with a Republican candidate.

“If you have a real debate, you ask the American people do you want to keep Obamacare or (have) more affordable health care; (do) you want energy independence or continue to send money to other countries; build the Keystone Pipeline or listen to radical environmentalists,” he said.

Jindal said he supports programs that will promote economic expansion rather than employ rhetoric that divides Americans.

“Let the American people understand that the American dream is not about redistribution or about envy. It is about growth and opportunity. You don’t have to be born into a wealthy zip code to do great things,” he said.

Jindal is currently trying to push a budget through the Louisiana state house that adheres to his pledge to not raise taxes. He said Louisiana has thrived under his directives that cut taxes and government payrolls.

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