IRS refuses to return $59,000 to vet after seizing his business cash

U.S. Army veteran Oh Suk Kwon, who owned a gas station in Maryland, was forced to close his small business after the IRS seized $59,000 from him and refused to give it back. Edward Griffin, Kwon’s attorney, discussed the details of the issue on the FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

“The IRS seized this money under the structuring laws. What they accused him of is structuring his deposits. As a gas station owner he received a lot of cash, all of it was properly accounted for, it was honestly earned, but what they said was ‘you deposited it in less than $10,000 amounts to avoid bank reporting laws and that’s a federal felony offense,” he told Stuart Varney.

According to Griffin, the IRS still refuses to give Kwon his money back.

“The IRS seized the money, they froze it…and, you know, as part of his plea agreement that happened back in 2011 – that’s how long this case has been going on – they got to keep that money.”

Although Griffin said he and his client are continuing to appeal the case with the IRS, the only person that could intercede and really make a difference would be President Trump.

“One thing that could really help Mr. Kwon would be a presidential pardon. These are federal crimes and…the only person who could do something about it would be the president.”