IRS head Koskinen hurting tax reform, Rep. Brady wants him fired

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) is upping the pressure to oust IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

“I’ve made the case that he needs to step down or be fired,” Brady told Maria Bartiromo during an appearance on FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria.

Tax reform won’t happen as long as Koskinen is head of the IRS, Brady warned.

“The truth of the matter is we can’t really redesign or frankly do the tax reform we want while he is still in office there,” he said.  “Frankly the IRS could be a partner in what we are trying to do but they have no credibility on Capitol Hill and it’s more than time for him to go.”

In Brady’s opinion the IRS should be more focused on customer service.

“If you have a simpler and fairer tax code, it demands a simpler and fair tax collector so we are proposing busting up the IRS as it is, redesign it to a much smaller agency focused on one mission—customer service.”

Among the ideas being floating by the GOP is personal tax returns that can be done on a postcard.