If media keep this up, they're going to get somebody killed: Varney

Here’s a quote from Rush Limbaugh: “If the media keeps this up, they're going to get somebody killed.”

He's right. The language used in the immigration debate has been so extreme that it does indeed encourage violence.

"Nazi" ... "concentration camps" … "child internment camps" … "slave labor" --we've heard them all. The people using these terms should think carefully about what they're doing. A disagreement on immigration should not be an excuse to label your opponent as the most despicable human being on Earth. They are fighting words, and they will be used to justify violence.

The left doesn't need much encouragement.... Tuesday night, a socialist mob ambushed the Homeland Security secretary. It was ugly. And one of the activists was an employee of the department of justice!

The thug-like antifa organization is now tweeting the names of ICE agents.

Occupy Wall Street -- remember them? -- promotes the killing of ICE agents in a gory cartoon.

Let’s be clear what's going on here: The left, and their media allies, are whipping up hysteria. It’s based on hate. Hatred for our president. It’s wrong. And it’s dangerous. It’s a terrible thing for America.