High school to conservative alum: You're not welcome

A Connecticut businessman told FOX Business his conservative views got him uninvited from speaking at his high school’s veteran’s memorial.

Southwich Regional School graduate, Kyle Reyes, who owns Manchester, Connecticut-based Silent Marketing said Monday the Veterans of Foreign Wars asked him to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming dedication ceremony that will honor three veterans from the school who had died in the line of combat. But according to Reyes, the superintendent said students “would not feel safe” around him because he’s a conservative.

Reyes said his agency was putting together the content for the presentation but his conservative views were never part of the speech.

“It’s a sad irony that an event that was never going to be political has been turned into something so controversial,” Reyes told Charles Payne on “Varney & Co.” “Because the very men that were being honored for paying the ultimate sacrifice to our country. This flies in the face of what they fought for.”

He added that “countless students” have reached out to him and the school said it would allow him to proceed in a separate ceremony after school when students would not be around.

But the VFW said “that’s not acceptable” and coordinated a special pre-awards dinner where he will be speaking instead.