VP Harris ‘didn’t visit the actual border’: Former acting ICE director

Former border patrol chief says Harris was steps away from 30-foot wall

Former acting ICE director Ron Vitiello told "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" the area where Vice President Kamala Harris visited Friday is "not as busy" as the area where Trump and Texas Gov. Abbott will be today in the Rio Grande Valley.

RON VITIELLO: The vice president didn't visit the actual border itself, although she was steps away from a 30-foot-wall just across the way from where she was at the centralized processing center; the facility that the vice president visited was purposely built to handle this tender age, children and families in large numbers coming into the custody of the Border Patrol. So sort of an ideal setting that the traffic had been reduced, and it's not as busy as the area where [Former] President Trump and the [Texas] governor will be today in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Now, when I was there before… since the wall has been installed and then the new wall that was installed under the previous administration - that's always been a place where the smugglers, the cartels, and the people who control the pipeline send folks from Central American countries to that part of the border. It's closer in geography and the smuggling groups and the cartels sort of control that flow. 

So it's always been a place where lots of people from Central America get apprehended, and so that's why it's the busiest place along the southwest border because the population is made up of that specific part of the world.