Gov. Scott Walker: The U.S. Economy Could Be Growing 4%

Gov. Walker: If we get in, we will be competitive everywhere

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker weighs in on the Florida primary, 2016 elections and the economy with FBN’s Neil Cavuto.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes the American economy can rebound from what he described as “stagnant growth” citing the recent first-quarter GDP data which showed the economy contracted 0.7%.

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During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto:  Coast to Coast, Walker said the economy can experience “anywhere upwards to 4.5% growth if we did dramatic pro-growth policies,” Walker’s ideas include “pulling back on regulations, unleash innovation and technology in this country, repeal Obamacare, use all the abundance of the energy policies we have and have fair and open trade.”

When discussing the legacy of the Obama Administration, Walker acknowledged that foreign relations are improving with Cuba and Iran but added those areas are “not really two very good examples.”

Walker, who declined to confirm or deny whether he will throw his hat into the 2016 Presidential race, did say he’ll make a decision “not too long after June 30.”

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