Gingrich: Obama is a Liability for Clinton

Newt Gingrich on election and economy

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discusses his outlook for the California primary and Trump's response to Trump University comments.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighs in on how the job market and economy is impacting the 2016 presidential race.

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“That [May] jobs report means we’re creating one new job for every 8,000 Americans. Now that’s the worst report in five years. That’s probably the biggest political news of last week, not all the controversial stuff that is easy to talk about,” Gingrich told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

And Gingrich sees the challenging job market and economy as potentially damaging to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“That underlying weakness in the American economy is going to be an anchor that Hillary can’t carry very far if it continues to be as bad as this last month.”

Gingrich then explained that part of the reason the economy could be a problem for the Clinton campaign is that she is seen as planning to carry out a third term of the Obama Administration’s policies if elected.

“He [Obama] is a liability in the long run because the American people want change. Every poll we’ve seen, by huge numbers, people want change,” but, Gingrich continued, “what are we getting? We’re getting Barack Obama campaigning to promise us that Hillary Clinton will be more like the last eight years. That is the worst possible message in the middle of this kind of economy and this kind of a national mood.

On the other hand, Gingrich views presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as the best candidate to turn the economy around.

“I think that Trump has an opportunity to dramatically reset the American economy. I think that would be the number one goal. Obviously he’s got to build the wall with Mexico, he’s promised it so much that that has to be a priority, but the real priority of a Trump Administration has to be to rebuild the American economy, create jobs, give us the economic strength to be a world leader.

Reducing the number of regulations is key to making America a world leader again, according to Gingrich.

“That’s something he [Trump] could be very, very good at and I think that starts with deregulation,” Gingrich said.

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Gingrich also weighed in on his war of words with Donald Trump over the candidate’s comments on the federal judge in the Trump University lawsuit.

“He and I just have a plain out disagreement on this. I admire him a lot, I think what he’s done is historic. I think he has a very real chance of becoming president. But this one I happen to disagree with him on, but I don’t think that’s a game changer in the sense that overall he is so much better than Hillary Clinton.”

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