Fundraising battle: Top pro-Trump super PAC edges out leading pro-Biden super PAC

America First Action and Priorities USA each hauled in nearly $100M in final full quarter

EXCLUSIVE - The leading outside group that’s supporting President Trump's reelection hauled in nearly $100 million in fundraising the past three months, narrowly edging out the top outside group that’s backing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s White House bid.

America First Action on Thursday told Fox News that it raised $98.9 million during the July-September quarter of fundraising. That’s nearly four times the $25.7 million the group raised during this year’s second quarter.


Hours earlier, the pro-Biden outside group Priorities USA announced that it hauled in $92.4 million during the third quarter, nearly three times the $36.6 million the group raised the previous three months.

America First is made up of the America First Action super PAC and the nonprofit America First Policies.

"We had a huge third quarter raising nearly $100 million," America First chair Linda McMahon told Fox News. "The overwhelming support shows the momentum for Donald J. Trump as we enter the last 33 days of this campaign. We have already dedicated $106 million in independent expenditures in battleground states this cycle, and will not let up going into the final month."

The group says it’s currently up with TV ads in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia.

Priorities USA – in their announcement - touted that they brought in $59 million last month alone, saying that September was the best fundraising month in the organization’s history. The group was launched during the 2012 presidential election cycle as the main outside group supporting President Obama’s re-election, a role it reprised for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and for Biden during the 2020 general election campaign.

Priorities USA is made up of a super PAC that focuses its firepower on advertising and voter outreach, and two separate nonprofit groups that work on voting-access issues and litigation for likely post-Election Day disputes.


Priorities USA said in the spring that they planned to spend $200 million this year to support Biden and help defeat President Trump. It started running ads targeting the president as early as July of last year. It’s currently running TV commercials in the battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

"Priorities is heading into the final month raising more money than at any point in our history. It's clear that there is unprecedented enthusiasm behind the effort to elect Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States,” Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil highlighted. "The current financial advantage for Democrats is allowing Biden to go on offense and give himself many different options to get to 270 electoral votes while Donald Trump scrambles to play defense. We won't let up the pressure for one second."

The America First and Priorities USA super PACs and nonprofits can raise and spend unlimited amounts of cash.

Preserve America, the other leading pro-Trump outside group, has yet to announce its fundraising figures.

In the dash for cash between the two presidential campaigns, Biden’s surged past the president. The former vice president’s campaign reported $466 million cash on hand as of the beginning of September, $141 million more than Trump’s team had in their coffers. Thanks to a dramatic increase in fundraising in the late spring and summer, Biden’s erased a massive cash-on-hand deficit he faced in April as he locked up the Democratic presidential nomination.