FBI, Mueller investigation face charges of bias: Kennedy

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Is the Mueller investigation compromised beyond repair? Warring groups of lawmakers are making simultaneous cases that Mueller and his team are in the tank against Trump, and Mueller is so precious and important special legislation has to be crafted to keep him at his post.

The problem is the lead investigator in the Clinton server probe named Peter Strzok, whose gooey fingers have been in ever Clinton/Trump pie in the FBI bakery. He's the guy who changed the wording in Comey's memo downgrading Hillary’s actions from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless,” flushing any criminality down the toilet; he signed the paperwork kicking off the Russia investigation, signed the Manafort search warrant and oversaw the Flynn interviews. And then did some light dusting and made sandwiches for the boys in his free time.

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So he's busy, so what? So let's dance, say Republican pitch forkers who point to a series of anti-Trump text messages he sent to his inter-bureau side piece during their lust voyage. They say Strzok both softened blows on Hillary and went full throttle on Trump, and orchestrated a double standard that crescendo'd when James Comey's leaked memo forced a special counsel.

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And now the special counsel can do anything. It was the impetus of an FBI guy that is being headed by an FBI guy whose outcomes were quietly shaped by another FBI guy, as the ultimate goal appears to be preserving the power and secrecy of the FBI. Strzok was secretly thrown off the case by Mueller who disclosed neither the fact of or reasoning behind his removal.

Republicans are screeching the thing is oozing with taint, and partisans are usurping democracy to overturn the election. It appears to be deep staters using the means they were given to maintain their condescending status quo so as not to be overturned by a powerful president whose got their applecart in his crosshairs.

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