Farage on Migrant Crime: Media Hoodwinking Sweden and Rest of World

The man behind Brexit and a leader in British politics, Nigel Farage, said the Swedish media and government are not being truthful about crimes committed by immigrants.

“Frankly what is going on in Sweden is that, in their efforts to be politically correct, they are not being factually correct [and] they are trying to hoodwink Sweden and the rest of the world,” Farage told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Riots erupted in a predominantly immigrant Stockholm suburb on Monday night as masked looters set cars on fire and threw rocks at police officers, according to Swedish police.

The former UKIP leader added there is an ‘established agreed convention’ among the Swedish media to not reveal the identity, religion or nationality of those that commit crimes.

“These things are just listed as crime statistics whether I’m talking about rape or murder or whether it’s just outright looting or rioting and the Swedes are in denial,” he said.