Farage: Mediterranean People would 'Spit on The Floor' at Merkel

Due to a major winter storm that pounded Washington D.C. and the east coast, Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been postponed until Friday.

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During an interview with Stuart Varney on the FOX Business Network, former UK Independence Party Leader and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage weighed in on Merkel and her role throughout Europe.

“She did save Greece, and she saved Italy, and Spain and the others because they’re all still in the Euro nearly ten years on. But you know what? Real leadership would have been to recognize during that crisis, that actually the Mediterranean countries were not suited ever, to join the Eurozone -- it would only ever lead to massive unemployment and misery,” said Farage. “Real leadership is to recognize when you’ve got something wrong, rather than continuing to plow on with the same failing project.”

He went on to add, that even though she was wildly successful in Germany, her open border immigration policy led to the truck rampage that killed dozens at a Berlin Christmas market, tarnishing Merkel's reputation.

“Frankly, if you were to use her name right now in a coffee bar in the Mediterranean, they would probably spit on the floor,” said Farage.

The former UK Independent Party Leader also addressed the populist movement that’s encompassing the Netherlands election for a new prime minister, which is set to take place March 15.

“I’ll tell you what, if I had said to you four years ago that Geert Wilders would be, with a day to go, virtually neck and neck with the prime minister, you would’ve have said I must have been smoking something funny. You know the fact that he’s there neck and neck shows you the amazing advances that have been made,” said Farage. “I think through the Netherlands, through the French elections, etcetera, you will see a continuance of this revolution against global governments.”

In France, Farage said a win by nationalist Marine Le Pen "would be as big as Brexit or Trump.”