Facebook name change draws skepticism on social media

People have flooded social media sights

As Facebook plans to go all-in on the metaverse, a virtual-reality space where users can interact with each other in a computer-generated environment, the tech giant has announced it will take on a new name: Meta.

The switch has not resonated well, however, as initial responses online have mostly consisted of jokes and mockery. 

Some others have pointed out the name change should not absolve Facebook (the platform) of recent controversy.

In this photo illustration, the Facebook logo seen on a laptop screen.  (Mykola Tys/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The name change was announced in tandem with CEO Mark Zuckerberg's aspiration for a "metaverse" — the virtual universe consisting of social media outlets, shopping, etc. (Think "Ready Player One.")

Then there's this gem: the name-change prediction a full week before it was officially announced.

FOX Business' Lucas Manfredi and Brooke Lewitas contributed to this report.