Exclusive: DNC Chair Tom Perez, Trump’s Travel Ban and Health Plan Don’t Make America Better

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DNC chair on Trump travel ban: It violates the constitution

DNC Chair Tom Perez on the Democratic Party, Republicans’ health care plan and President Trump's travel ban.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez is doing his part to shoot down two of President Trump’s major initiatives: repealing Obamacare and the travel ban.

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In a FOX Business exclusive, Maria Bartiromo asked Perez if Democrats have been obstructionist of the entire Trump presidency.

“The Democrats are fighting for core American values," Perez said.  "We now had a second set of judges that struck down the unconstitutional [travel] ban.”

To which Bartiromo reacted, “Is that political?” Perez countered, “Hell no. “

When Bartiromo asked how it was a violation of the constitution, Perez said, “Ask the Republican judge who struck it down the first time and you will see Republican and Democratic judges a second time.  This doesn’t make America safer.  And it doesn’t make our democracy any better.”

Perez doesn’t think the GOP healthcare plan will make anyone better either, especially Americans that aren’t rich.

“This proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s an age tax, if you are 50 or over, that 64-year-old who’s making $25,000 a year and is looking at a $12,000 increase in his or her premium, that’s what the Democrats are fighting for, health care that is fair for everyone, not a break for the wealthy.” said Perez during an interview on Mornings With Maria.

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Perez also suggested the GOP’s plan is better for health insurance executives than everyday Americans.

“If you are an insurance executive you love the Trumpcare, Ryancare, I don’t care, whatever they’re calling this new plan.  And Democrats are fighting for health care.”

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