Ex-Microsoft CEO Ballmer on GOP tax reform: Middle-class families will be better off

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Tax reform will be great for growth: Fmr. Microsoft CEO

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer breaks down the Republican tax reform plan.

Former Microsoft CEO and LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer’s latest project is USAFacts, a non-profit organization designed to keep the government on its toes by shedding a light on how it’s truly spending taxpaper money.

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Ballmer weighed in on how the Republican tax plan will potentially impact Americans, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria,” “Yes, it is a middle-class tax break, but it also has certainly a tax break perspective for the most affluent people, who of course already have the biggest tax bills.”

Though Ballmer agreed the tax plan would help middle-class families’ wallets, he also raised concerns that it could lead to a better standard of living.

“Will middle class families be better off? Yes.  Will [it] appreciably impact that standard of living for the families you talked about? Maybe not so much,” he added. “I think it’s great for growth to be a priority and certainly, I would expect, just looking again at the data from the past that we should expect to see continued rapid increase in investment.”

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Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has said on “Mornings with Maria” that the government debt is a priority and potential economic growth from the Republican tax plan will help, but the administration is also pushing for spending restraint as well.

“We recognize the fact that there’s a spending problem here in Washington, D.C. and we’re pushing back as hard as we possibly can,” Mulvaney add.

Ballmer agreed that the tax plan would lead to economic growth but added that government spending should be addressed, raising concerns that potential cuts to entitlements could hurt the Americans that need them most.

“As a big proponent, my wife and I are in philanthropic activities, to make sure that we have a chance at the American dream for even the least affluent kids in America.  I would hate to see any of the support for those kids go out, if you will, with the bathwater in terms of budget cuts.”

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