End the immigration hysteria and help the economy grow: Kennedy

The absurd state of our immigration debate has both sides leaning toward the wrong solutions. Some immigration hard liners want to militarize the border, criminalize all illegal immigration and limit the number of work visas for central americans who are trying to better their prospects.

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Hard core progressives see a potential voting pool, so they want to expand entitlements and incentivize *more* illegal immigration, consequences be damned, as long as the new arrivals vote democrat. They are all wrong.

Government has consistently shown us they're not really good at top down fussbudgetry, and they haven't figured out how to differentiate the hard working optimists from the bad guys who want to kill you and snuff your freedom. Until they can refine *that* process, I'm not terribly interested in immigration hysteria and further prohibition that hurts small businesses and farmers who are looking for options in a tight labor market. Let more good people in and expand the number of seasonal visas that will allow workers to come and go and help the economy grow. Trust me, there is a direct correlation here.

Liberal, authoritarian busybodies like new California Governor Gavin Newsome and stinky giraffe Bill de Blasio here in NYC want to *expand* entitlements for undocumented immigrants.

Which sounds neat, but they are hastening the demise of 2 bankrupt systems, Social Security and Medicare, that are quickly swirling the drain.

Never mind the people who are already here, the incentive for more folks to hop the fence and get on the dole is unsustainable, not to mention wrong robbing American citizens to pay for a new found *right* to health care and my money.

As painful as the reality might be, and as oversimplified as it may sound, the answer to the impasse is actually more freedom, not selective carrots and sticks when it's politically expedient for the ruling class of bumbling blowhards.

When the tax law changes and people are allowed to choose where their hard earned money goes, then do-gooders can opt to have *their* money go wherever they see fit.


I would rather keep mine and invest and donate with greater efficiency. Heavy handedness and entitlement goody bags are no way to solve our immigration and border crisis, but I've learned to expect almost nothing from the dimwits in power who feel entitled to take everything.