Donald Trump Jr. added fuel to the Russia collusion fire: Buck Sexton

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No one will go to prison over Trump Jr. Russian meeting: Buck Sexton

Radio host Buck Sexton on the Donald Trump Jr. email controversy and whether there are any chargeable offenses.

Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to release an email chain related to his controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer has sparked increased speculation over the Trump administration’s alleged contact with the Russians.

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Former CIA officer and radio host Buck Sexton spoke to FOX Business about potential legal fallout for the president’s son.

“No one is going to prison over this,” he told Kennedy. “Despite what everyone wants to say no one is going to prison over this unless they get caught in a perjury trap or something like that, but meeting with the Russians and saying tell me what you want to tell me, there’s no statute that anyone can point to.”

Sexton says this meeting would not have gained the kind of publicity that it did if not for the unrelenting Russia-related scandals plaguing the Trump administration.

“This meeting [between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer] is innocuous if there was no collusion, but this meeting now creates more momentum for looking into whether there was collusion, and if there was then it looks really bad politically-politically I still think is where the risk is here, impeachment is the risk.”

Sexton admits that even though Donald Trump Jr.’s actions are not criminal, they were untruthful.

“I think the worst thing that has gone on for [Donald Trump Jr.] is the untruths if you want to be charitable, the things that he said initially about this whole meeting because there’s no way of getting around that … this now has thrown a giant tub of gasoline on top of the whole Russia collusion fire, which is not going to go away anytime soon now.”

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