Dobbs: RINOs are simply wrong for our time

A few thoughts now on the death of a RINO.

I'm talking about Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and his obsequious deference to corporate lobbyists and unbridled hostility toward President Trump. President Trump not only took RINO (Republican in Name Only) Ryan to the woodshed, but eliminated any need for any Republican to pretend that Ryan is a real Republican in any way, or that any RINO has a political future after Mr. Trump simply booted the hapless fool of a speaker out of the way of those trying to do the nation's business.

Here's the clueless Ryan this morning, talking about a proposal from Democrats tying Harvey funding to an increase in the debt ceiling.

“What the leaders you just described proposed is unworkable … I think that it's ridiculous and disgraceful that they want to play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment … I think that's a ridiculous idea. I hope that they don't mean that,” Ryan said.

Within a few hours, the president reached a deal with Democrats to increase the debt limit and fund the government until mid-December while providing funds for Harvey relief. Deal done: The president also clearing the way for tax reform.

Contrast Ryan's inane insults, obstinance and subversion of President Trump to the Democratic leaders, who've calmed themselves, have been far more conciliatory in their rhetoric about the president over recent weeks. Now Ryan is fully exposed—a Congress that has accomplished next to nothing this year—nothing in Paul Ryan's nearly two-year tenure as speaker.

President Trump and Congressional conservatives, in my opinion, have made it clear now that Ryan is nothing more an immense obstacle to getting the people's business done, and that it's time to follow the president's leadership and implement fully his agenda.

RINOs are simply wrong for our time, in the wrong party and not even the massive amounts of corporate lobbying money can now buy RINOs a political future. Mark my words, they are done.