DNC, Hillary Too Cozy?

Bernie Sanders is crying foul against the DNC and the Hillary Clinton camp. He is charging that the DNC is favoring Hillary Clinton when it comes to joint fundraising and violates a number of campaign laws.

Former 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee and former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, while it’s more politics than law, Sen. Sanders is “probably somewhat right.”

“Senator Sanders made a complaint in a letter to the Democratic National Committee. He hasn’t, at least yet, filed any charges with the Federal Election Commission. From what I hear, people who are election law experts say that this happens a lot -- joint fundraising between a national committee and a particular candidate. Senator Sanders may think that it’s too cozy a relationship,” he said.

He also discussed the debate over legislation that would allow Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for any alleged role officials played in 9/11.

“This is really between a rock and hard place because the Saudis are really important allies of ours… Somehow if the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are able to make their case back to somebody in Saudi Arabia then the Saudis ought to voluntarily create a fund to enable them to reimburse without waiving their rights.”