DNC: As Divided as the RNC

With the news that the Democratic National Committee was clearly favoring Hillary Clinton as their nominee, Bernie Sanders’ supporters have descended on Philadelphia to protest what they believe is a rigged system. Most importantly, the reaction from both the DNC and Sanders’ supporters clearly shows a divide that looks to be equally problematic as the divide within the Republican Party.

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After speaking to a few members of the DNC, the FOX Business Network finds that the reaction has been predictably politically correct. They believe that the reaction from Sanders’ camp is just a symptom of the 2016 election being a passionate affair and that the party, after all said and done, is a united front. 

Raymond Thomas Rybak Jr., Vice Chair of the DNC, echoed those same beliefs. “Elections are often about passion and there is plenty in this race. I have enormous respect for what the campaign has done. I also believe the activists who are part of the core Sanders efforts, will be working their way up the hierarchy and will be part of the Democratic leadership. In fact, many of the mare jumping on board with the Clinton campaign,” said Ryback. Based on what has been seen in Philadelphia, many in the Sanders camp would disagree. 

In fact, throughout the day thousands of protestors have been marching through the streets of Philadelphia, even though Bernie Sanders has vehemently tried to tame the crowd. People have been cheering for Sanders to stand up for their cause and declaring that they will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Even if this isn’t a representation of the majority of Sanders’ supporters, the protests and refusal to listen to their leader is becoming a cause for concern for the Clinton campaign and they know it. According to a source close to the campaign, “The Clinton campaign is legitimately really worried that this is a big story and that they will not be able to control the protestors. They believe he will try to stick in the pocket but his supporters may not be able to stay with it. They have a high degree of anxiety.” 

However, beyond all of the worries for the Clinton campaign is the problem that Sanders’ supporters continue to have with the Democratic Party. Just like Donald Trump supporters, who believe their party has cast them aside and ignored their needs, the same can be said for those in the Sanders camp and for good reason. According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, some members of the Clinton campaign do not believe that Sanders’ supporters are real Democrats. Hence the divide and the tension that you could cut with a knife in Philadelphia.

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The bottom line: the Democrats can keep saying that they are the united party but, while that may have been the case before this week, they are clearly having issues with keeping things together and mending fences.  Even with Sanders speaking tonight and planning to support the presumptive nominee, sources tell the FOX Business Network that it might not do any good and that he is feeling pressured to speak out against the DNC.  All things considered, this is becoming a much more controversial convention than the Republican National Convention.