Corey Lewandowski: I Wouldn't Do Anything Differently

Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski weighs in on the success of Donald Trump’s campaign and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s decision to shake things up within his campaign.

“We had a lot of detractors who said that this would never be real and Mr. Trump has touched on the pulse of America right now and they’re fed up with political correctness and a failed Washington, D.C.,” Lewandowski told the FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith.

Lewandowski responded to Trump’s decision to part ways with his former campaign manager.

“You’ve got viewers who they’re whole job is to start a company and when it grows to a certain point they step out and someone else comes in and that’s how I look at this.”

On whether he would do it all over again if given the chance, Lewandowski said, “Without one question.  Greatest thing I’ve had the opportunity to do.  I mean look, we defied the world.  Donald Trump  went out and did things that nobody said he could do.”

Lewandowski reacted to reports there had been a power struggle within the campaign between him and campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

“I’ve had the opportunity to know Paul for the last seven or eight weeks and he and I have had a great relationship,” Lewandowski continued, “It’s been an honor to work with Paul.”

Lewandowski then reflected on whether he would have done anything differently while working on Trump’s campaign.

“I wouldn’t do anything differently.  I know that’s hard to say, to look back on it.  You know, I wouldn’t.  I had this idea of let Trump be Trump.”

Despite the campaign shake-up, Lewandowski still voiced his support for Trump’s candidacy.

“I’ve had a privilege and an honor to have a small part of getting him to where he is and I want to see him be successful.  I want to see Donald Trump be the President of the United States.”