Construction Business Defies California’s Ban Against Border Wall Construction

As Trump’s wall along the southern border slowly comes to fruition, companies who have expressed interest in building the controversial barrier between Mexico and the United States have been presented a new hurdle.

San Francisco lawmakers proposed a bill on Tuesday, March 21 that would boycott any companies that plan to utilize their services to help construct the border wall from bidding on any future projects within the San Francisco area – something James Flanagan, owner of James Flanagan Construction based in the Bay area, said is “very disturbing.”

“I think this is a perfect example of government tyranny. I mean all these businesses, we all have employees and basically we pay taxes here, do business here, and basically these politicians that are paid with our tax dollars are basically turning against us,” Flanagan told Stuart Varney during an interview on the Fox Business Network.

The proposal mimics similar action taken by the cities of Berkeley and Oakland which are seeking to boycott companies who are involved in the design and construction of Trump’s border wall.

“I think these cities that are coming out to boycott companies like mine and others, they’re basically hurting people who probably voted for him. I don’t know if they thought this through or maybe they don’t even care,” said Flanagan.

He went on to add, “What our president is trying to do is do what’s best for us. And we’ve just come to a point in our history that if we don’t do this now, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble. We’re out of time, and anyone in their right mind that has common sense should support his agenda because he has everyone’s best interest in mind.”

Flanagan, who is a Trump supporter, said although his thought process to bid on the border wall was very much a business decision, his political views played a role as well.

“I think this wall is the foundation of us rebuilding our country, and this is something we need. It needs to be a powerful statement for us to basically standup and start fighting for what we need to happen in this country to start fixing things.”

Over 600 companies have bid on the border wall, with the original deadline of March 29 being pushed back to April 4, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Tuesday, and confirmed by Department of Homeland Security.