College students call Bernie Sanders a 'hypocrite' after learning he's a millionaire

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) often targets millionaires and billionaires in his presidential campaign speeches, but tax returns released last week show Sanders is a millionaire himself.

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform asked students at the University of New Hampshire if they felt Sanders was hypocritical for demanding higher taxes on the rich while keeping his millions - and many agreed with that sentiment.

"You have a ton of extra money that you could be shoveling out, but you're going to take it away from people who might actually need it," one of the students remarked in the video.

Phillips told FOX Business' Stuart Varney that some of the students he spoke to were fans of Sanders but didn't know he was a millionaire.

"They kept going on and on about how they feel like he's authentic, he practices what he preaches, and then when they find out he's a millionaire they say 'well, that's kinda hypocritical, I guess.'"

Phillips also cited Sanders' comments from previous campaigns, where he called millionaire senators "immoral."

"He's gone on to rant against the one percent, the millionaire, billionaire class - but now he's firmly planted in that one percent," Phillips said.