College & comedy no longer perfect together: Kennedy

The comedy puritans are at it again, at war with fun and so desperate to cinch the boundaries of humor they're going to smother the life out of any college gathering. College used to be a place for the young and the restless, now it's a clinical playground for dictatorial social engineers led by the terrified and humorless.

One student club at the University of London forced comics to sign a "behavioral agreement" in order to perform on their crusty campus, and made them promise to refrain from anything that might veer into "racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, or anti-religion or anti-atheism". Can you imagine confining the sets of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin or Richard Pryor or Andrew Dice Clay or Amy Schumer back when she was still funny? This is such nonsense!

College and comedy are supposed to go hand in hand to make you think and laugh and take you to the edge, and occasionally throw you in a meat grinder when it's done right.

Instead you've got a generation of attachment parenting victims who are not only edge-less, they've been worn down and compressed into boring spheres in the name of their own tragic safety.

You know what happens when you tell a joke that pokes gentle fun at race and sexuality at columbia university? They kill your mic! That's exactly what happened to SNL alum Nimesh Patel when he dared jab at intersectionalism.

Kevin Hart initially stood up to the mob and refused to apologize for some anti-gay tweets that were unearthed ahead of his oscar hosting duties. He easily could've kept the plum gig by acquiescing to the frothing zombies, but he said, "i chose to pass on the apology...i've addressed this several times...i've moved on and i'm in a completely different place in my life."

Unfortunately, he too eventually caved to the p-c mob, apologized, and stepped down.

Human beings are not static sacks whose intention and identity are derived from a single, crystallized moment on twitter. And hypersensitivity is not a virtue! This joyless mob activism is a breeding ground for authoritarianism, and god bless the brave souls who take it seriously enough to stand up to the nonsense and make fun of the whole damn thing.