Christine Pelosi vs. Cavuto: Are Briefing Demands Really About Russia?

At least 51 electors, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, are demanding an intelligence briefing on allegations that the Russians interfered with the U.S. election. Christine Pelosi got into a heated debate with the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto after saying the Russians cost Hillary Clinton the White House.

“I think that Hillary Clinton was severely damaged by the hacking of her emails and the DNC emails that went on a drip, drip, drip basis every day for three months, every day instead of talking about the economy,” she said.

The California elector said 50 Democrats, one Republican and one member of the Working Families Party are already on the record supporting the intelligence briefing, adding that there are “many more Democrats and Republicans off the record.”

The push comes one week ahead of the December 19th Electoral College vote, when electors will cast their votes in their respective states for President and Vice President of the United States.

Pelosi pushed back when Cavuto asked her whether the calls for an intelligence briefing would unfairly sway the electors.

“When you’re telling the electors, this would be a first, you want the electors to get this intelligence data, I’m taking a leap that it will prove that Russia acted to interfere in the elections, that Russia moved to hack the elections,” said Cavuto.

“But how can you take that leap?” replied Pelosi.

“I’m going to just for the sake of argument then, what do you want electors to do with that information?” he asked.

“I haven’t seen it so I can’t judge it,” she answered.

“This is a chicken and egg fight. Either you want them exposed to that or you don’t,” said Cavuto.