Chris Christie can't restore his tarnished image: Joe Piscopo

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Chris Christie is longing for the days of bridge gate: Joe Piscopo

Actor Joe Piscopo reacts to New Jersey governor Chris Christie's comments on a local radio show.

Former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Joe Piscopo said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won’t be able to rebuild his political career after ‘beachgate.’

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“I thought that the governor handled [the Beachgate scandal] like a talk show host would,” Piscopo told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto. “I think at this point after the beach thing he is longing for the days of Bridgegate.”

When asked whether Christie would be able to recover his political career, Piscopo answered, “no” and added that he didn’t believe the New Jersey Governor wanted to be a politician anymore, “he just wants to make money”.

Despite this, in Piscopo’s opinion, using humor would have helped Christie win back some public support.

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“Chris Christie [is] one of the smartest cats out there. So if he turned it around, would that have served him better? Yes, I think so,” Piscopo said.

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