China does not believe the Mueller report will hurt President Trump; Trade talks resume

The American public was not the only ones waiting for the Mueller report to come to an end.

Chinese officials confirm that they were anticipating the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, worrying that the potential findings could hurt President Trump.

However, now that the report is complete, China has fully committed to trade negotiations with the United States.

“China doesn't think in four-year election cycles. They think in five years, 10 years. Long term planning is part of their business,” FOX Business’ Susan Li said on “Bulls & Bears” Thursday. "I would say, probably the most important concession here is not the 100% ownership of companies in China, they've said this before, enforcement is key obviously. But, it's also the law they passed to ban and make it illegal for companies to demand technology transfer, I think that's a big concession.”


Trump said he did not know how much of an impact the Mueller report had on trade negotiations, but China talks continue to go well.