Defending border wall funding with military billions

President Trump’s decision to pull money budgeted for the military to build the border wall is a good decision, according to a retired Marine.

The Trump administration plans to fund the border wall with $3.6 billion from the military⁠ — money allocated for military projects, including the construction of hangars, arms ranges, schools for children on base and training facilities.

The move has drawn public criticism, including from Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, but it is drawing support from at least one person with direct military experience.

I think when you look at where this money's actually coming from, it's not affecting troop housing.

- Staff Sergeant Johnny 'Joey' Jones

Staff Sgt. Johnny Joey Jones joined FOX Business’ “Bulls & Bears” on Thursday to provide insight on the diversion.

"It's not affecting anything [in the contiguous United States]," Jones said. "And so I think some of those things make the money a little more obvious as a place to go.”

While in the service, Jones recalled when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton in a building that was condemned.

“We did one of the more important jobs ... and we did it very effectively,” he said.


According to Jones, the building has since then been replaced and has yet to live up to the effectiveness of the 50-year-old original.