Bevy of 'Shovel Ready' Projects Set, Awaiting Trump Approval

In President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress this week, he said he would be asking the legislative branch to approve a $1 trillion investment in U.S. infrastructure. CG/LA Infrastructure CEO Norman Anderson, however, says President Trump shouldn’t wait for the legislative process to act on shovel-ready projects.

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“I think what’s really required is an executive order that says that the law needs to be complied with and projects that are in the fermenting process that have finished all of their studies should be approved within four months. That’s what the law says and that’s what we think President Trump can make happen,” Anderson told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

According to Anderson, Congress’ concerns over an infrastructure bill adding to the deficit would slow down the approval process for the bill, delaying many shovel-ready projects that would boost U.S. job growth.

“So there’s no real reason to wait until a bill goes to Congress. Congress obviously doesn’t want a deficit spend in terms of an infrastructure bill.  We think you can get started right now and show Congress that you can generate a tremendous number of jobs.  As we’ve said, the first 50 projects would generate about 600,000 jobs.”

Anderson says he is lobbying for Trump to sign an infrastructure executive order.

“I am definitely lobbying for that executive order, that’s exactly what we need to see happen.” Anderson continued, “This is what the executive does, it’s not the role of Congress to push through an infrastructure bill.”