Ben Stein: We Essentially Have a Civil War Going On

President Trump is turning his focus to tax reform after Congress failed to pass the health care overhaul plan that would have repealed and replaced Obamacare.

Ben Stein, the economist and actor famous for the TV show ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money,’ and for his role in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ said the Trump administration can still get tax reform done.

“Tax reform is a very lively possibility. I am not in favor of lowering taxes on the rich, but I think lowering the corporate tax rate is an absolute necessity,” Stein told FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan.

Some in the mainstream media have already written off Trump over the health care issue and labeled his early presidency as a failure.

“The media is at war with the president,” Stein said. “We essentially have a civil war going on.”

The famed economist said the political civil war is driven by the debate over sanctuary cities, which are a serious challenge to the constitution.

“These people are in open revolt against the constitution that is a very, very serious matter. It’s not a joke. It’s not trivial liberal airy fairy stuff. It’s a really serious challenge to the constitution,” Stein said.