Assad is Worse Than Hitler: Syrian Chemical Weapon Survivor

Kassem Eid, a 2013 Syrian chemical weapon attack survivor, believes that Barack Obama's inaction in Syria helped ISIS recruit more soldiers and that the U.S. should continue to pursue Assad for the use of chemical weapons.

“President Obama broke his promise for the red line and his argument was that he’s going to take Assad’s chemical weapons, well he lied,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto. “Obama’s inaction in Syria helped [in] fueling ISIS with the propaganda that says the west doesn’t care about you, that America doesn’t care about you… That made a lot of people, a lot of ignorant and angry people, unfortunately, join ISIS.”

Eid said that he supported President Trump’s immediate action to launch Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian airbase on Thursday without Congress’s approval.

“President Trump’s action was very, very good because if he will go to Congress and he will wait, he will give Assad a chance to maneuver.”

Some people argue that if the U.S. helped the rebels take out the Syrian President, someone worse may take his place, but Eid said he doubts anyone can be “worse” than Assad.

“Assad killed 500,000 people, for the love of God. He displaced half of the country, he destroyed the country. He gassed women and children… He’s worse than Hitler.”